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Paid Advertising Service 

The fastest way to reach the largest number of people with your business is through paid advertising. Srujan Digital works closely with you and your company to ensure you get the best return on your investment through precisely targeted campaigns to reach the most suitable users

Right Targeting
We target the audience based on the persona to get the most targeted traffic that will increase conversion.
Get more leads
Our professionals use best practices to drive genuine leads to your ad campaign.
Higher Conversion Rates
Our expert team can increase conversion rates, eventually increasing sales.

Why Should You Choose Us For Paid Advertising Solution?

Our team follows the latest and best strategies to deliver end results in your advertising campaigns

One-Stop Solution for Paid Advertising

We cater to all businesses irrespective of the size of the company.

Cost-Effective Paid Advertising Services

Paid advertising is a cost-effective service that can give you quicker results..

Expert Team

We have an expert advertising team who can help with all your
paid advertising efforts.

Result-Driven Process for Maximum Sales through Paid Advertising

Result-driven process can fetch good results. With our team, you can expect greater results for your business advertising efforts.

Creating Content and Graphical Resources

Creating resources for ad campaigns is crucial to success in
ad campaigns.

Running Ad Campaign

After creating all resources then, it comes to start your first ad campaign.

Advertising Campaign Optimization

Ad optimization is a regular task. Based on the stats, we optimize the advertising campaigns.

Our Client Reviews

“Srujan Digital consists of an expert paid advertising team. We achieved our end objective within two months. Looking forward, we’re happy with their service.”

Timothy Black

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the first step in the marketing research process?
Defining the problem is the very first step in the marketing research process. It lays down the base for the market research process.
Why is market research necessary?
Market research defines the product and services’ compatibility with the end consumers. It helps businesses decide, invest, assess new business opportunities, and identify threats.
What is one of the significant challenges for marketing research?

When new products launch, it’s challenging to evaluate their feasibility with the end consumer; it’s a significant marketing research challenge.

What are the steps in the marketing research process?
The following are the steps involved in the marketing research process:
Step 1: Problem Identification
Step 2: Defining Samples
Step 3: Data Collection Phase
Step 4: Analyzing the results
Step 5: Preparing the research report
Step 6: Decision Making
What is the difference between market research and market analysis?
Market research tends to data collection and sampling.

In contrast, the market analysis focused on analyzing the data gathered to conclude the businesses, like decision making, fund management, assessing new business opportunities, and risk mitigation

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