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Social Media Marketing Service 

Optimize your social media presence without an end-to-end social media marketing solution. Businesses grow faster when you have an excellent and consistent presence on social media platforms. We understand each platform and its algorithm behaviors to grow your brand abruptly and have an expert social media marketing team.

Outsource Social Media Marketing

Have an engaged, targeted audience by employing social media power for your business. Reach your customers easily and generate more revenue.
Nurture your target audience
Identify and build your target audience on all social media channels.
Build Brand
Increase your brand reputation by engaging on social platforms. Big brands have a fabulous presence on social media sites.
Achieve Sales Target
Engage your target audience consistently by providing relevant content. Nurture them to a sales prospect.

Result-Driven Process for Maximum Reach on Social Channels

Social media content with resonance with your end customer and company makes a way to build your social brand. The process can help you achieve your objectives and set goals.
Here’s what the social media process includes:

Social Media Strategy

Strategy helps achieve our goals and works well in social media too. It gives us an overview of social media management.

Social Media Account Management

Leverage your relationship with the end audience and increase sales

Social Media Analysis

Be on top of the execution by measuring social media efforts. You can adjust your social media strategy if required.

Why Should You Choose Us For Social Media Marketing

Experience of working with 25+ brands for handling all their social media marketing

Target Audience Identification

Choosing the right target audience lets you win the social media marketing game. It’s crucial to choose the super-targeted audience for your businesses.

Social Content Creation

High-value and engaging posts get more reach on social channels. We write social content that attracts and convert end customers into the lead.

Social Media Brand Management

A dedicated social media manager gives you a competitive edge in your industry on social channels. For consistent results, end-to-end management of social channels is essential.

Our Client Reviews

“Step-by-step approach worked well.
Srujan Digital helped us gain a good presence on social media channels.”
David Millar

“We were consistent with our regular content posting on social media platforms. Srujan Digital optimized our process and came up with a new strategy that worked well. “
Joseph Taylor

“They helped us increase engagement like comments, likes, and shares. Also, we’ve seen that due to social media, there is an increase in website traffic.”
Maria Simmons

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the first step in the marketing research process?
Defining the problem is the very first step in the marketing research process. It lays down the base for the market research process.
Why is market research necessary?
Market research defines the product and services’ compatibility with the end consumers. It helps businesses decide, invest, assess new business opportunities, and identify threats.
What is one of the significant challenges for marketing research?

When new products launch, it’s challenging to evaluate their feasibility with the end consumer; it’s a significant marketing research challenge.

What are the steps in the marketing research process?
The following are the steps involved in the marketing research process:
Step 1: Problem Identification
Step 2: Defining Samples
Step 3: Data Collection Phase
Step 4: Analyzing the results
Step 5: Preparing the research report
Step 6: Decision Making
What is the difference between market research and market analysis?
Market research tends to data collection and sampling.

In contrast, the market analysis focused on analyzing the data gathered to conclude the businesses, like decision making, fund management, assessing new business opportunities, and risk mitigation

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